KLAC - Trending Higher

Hello trend traders,

Part of trend trading is staying long anything above the 200MA. One stock that has worked out perfectly for us, and one which we continue to hold, is $KLAC. Please observe the chart below.

KLAC Daily - 2017-09-27

$KLAC has held the 200MA in August and moved upwards in September. Since then, we’ve been long the stock. Because $KLAC has not fallen below the 200MA, yet, and our exit criteria is if the stock closes below the 200MA (which is now quite far from current prices), we continue to maintain our long position in $KLAC. Our end goal is to ride the trend for as long as we can.

Our trend trading system allows us to undoubtedly remain long stocks that create buy signals, and get out of stocks that generate sell signals. This allows us to completely eliminate any emotions or fundamental analysis from our approach, resulting in our holding for longer durations, for 2X, 3X, 5X, to even 10X+ returns - all of this in alignment with the concept of Expectation.

Those that are bullish this stock can enter in now, with a stop below the 200MA. However, sizing the number of shares here is critical, as we are quite far from the 200MA. Size at your own discretion.

Disclaimer: our investment team is currently long $KLAC as of time of writing.