Exposure to China - BZUN

As the entire world participates in the bull market, one can look towards specific stocks, particularly Chinese stocks, to get long.

One particular stock that showed up on our radar is $BZUN. Please observe the chart below.

BZUN Daily - 2017-09-30

Like many other stocks, $BZUN has come back down to tag the 50MA. As trend traders, we love when opportunities such as this one present themselves. This is a great place to get long some shares to participate in the trend.

Stop can be placed just below the 50MA, at around $28.16.

More conservative traders can enter in with half position size at current prices, and another half down at the 100MA (27.78), with the stop below the 100MA, at around $23.20.

Disclaimer: our investment team is currently long $BZUN.